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Who are we?

We are a team of crazy believers that think everyone deserves to hear about the great spirit revolution that is overtaking the world. We are convinced everyone should have access to the craft distilleries of the world and know about them.

At the Spiriter, we strive to highlight crafters from every corner of the world in order to revolutionize the spirit industry as we know it. Our team scouts the globe for distillers so you at home can experience it all at the click of a button.


The spiriter

“We strive to highlight crafters from every corner of the world”

A blog around craft distilleries

From the most traditional fruits to exotic botanicals, artisanal distillers use the finest ingredients to create the highest qualities recipes. Our goal is to transform students of the industry into connoisseurs of our world of treasured. Whether you prefer gin, rum, whiskey, or any other liquor under the sun, we’re confident everyone will find their perfect hidden gem.

We believe every art deserves a gallery to inspire future generations. We take care in preserving the creativity and techniques of the centuries-old profession and showcasing them through accessible and convenient modern technology.

Every monday, the Spiriter will surprise you with a new article. From the story of a craft distillery to 101 classes of tasting whisky or of a type of spirit, you should not be disappointed.



Distilleries and map the spiriterA map and database to bring you closer to the best craft spirits

We are proud to introduce you to a database indexing craft distilleries from all around the world. From Brazil to Australia, our team has been hunting for the very hidden locations. With new distilleries listed everyday, don’t miss the opportunity to discover all of them subscribing to our newsletter.


Once you arrive on the Distilleries and Map¬†section, you can look for a distillery in a specific area, like around your home or your next holiday destination. You only drink whiskey? Don’t worry, you can also look up the distilleries by type of alcohol or certain key words.

For each distillery, you will be able to discover all their contact information, but also their social networks. Some of them will even include a gallery of photos and links to articles about them.