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From traditions to a Californian spirit adventure

As craft is becoming more and more of a trend, a lot of big players have been using this term to market pretty but empty products. On the contrary, what one will discover upon a Stark Spirit is a strong and true craft liquor. In fact, Karen and Greg Stark, co-founders of the first Pasadena micro-distillery, have chosen as a motto : STRENGTH IS IN THE CHARACTER.

Welcome to the Spiriter

At the Spiriter, we strive to highlight crafters from every corner of the world in order to revolutionize the spirit industry as we know it. Our team scouts the globe for distillers so you at home can experience it all at the click of a button.

Making spirits with passion

After tasting the Falcon spirits, there was no doubt that hard work and quality products were the two key ingredients to these divine liquids.

35 years of pionneering in craft spirits

THE 80s, A CHALLENGING TIME FOR CRAFT Thirty five years ago, America was entering an era of conspicuous consumption wherein we spent more money than ever before on luxury goods and services to publicly display economic power. Most families began the 80s without a lot...

Two centuries of liqueur

The Denoix distillery is located at the heart of Brive-la-Gaillarde, a french town. The family has been producing liqueurs for two centuries