Stovell’s Gin is an independent, handmade gin; developed, distilled, blended and bottled at Stovell’s, Chobham by award winning chef Fernando Stovell; mixologist, Geyan Surendran; and restaurant manager, Cameron Bownes.The Stovell’s Gin process For Stovell’s Gin the process starts with sourcing both the purest, soil association certified, organic spirit, and our wild botanicals.We visually inspect the botanicals, and remove any that don’t make the grade (these are composted). Any fresh botanicals are gently dried using a flow of moving warm-air, so that we can maintain our ‘house style’ even when certain botanicals are out of season.The juniper berries are cracked by hand, and certain woody botanicals/ tough seeds are milled using a burr grinder, so as not to heat them up whilst turning them into a coarse powder.Some botanicals  such as the fennel and angelica seeds are lightly toasted; that said, some botanicals, are left in their natural state.After the initial preparation of the botanicals, We separate them into different flavour families, and steep these in our spirit (diluted down to 50% ABV at this stage) for varying amounts of time. We coarsely strain the resulting infusions, and then it’s on to creating our intensely flavoured distillates using a rotary evaporator.

Extracted from Stovell’s Gin

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