From 1637 to 1927, the “miller’s dynasty” Van Breedam grind and distil grain to jenever on the Molenberg in Blaasveld. In 1872, Louis Van Breedam and his sister leave the Molenberg and become brewers in Mechelen. Until today the Molenberg is still in the hands of the family and continues the tradition.

Charles Leclef grows up in the brewery but remains in touch with the Molenberg in Blaasveld, where his uncle lives. In 1990, after Charles modernizes the brewery, he comes up with a daring plan. In the Molenberg, he wants to distil beer to alcohol: whisky. This whisky distillery becomes the perfect match between two family traditions, brewing and distilling.


Beer and whisky are both produced from grains. Charles believes in a fine malt whisky distilled from the mash from Gouden Carolus Tripel. This beer is brewed with the best pale malts and has a very special character. Today the spirit of the Gouden Carolus Single Malt is distilled to ripe into a whisky with a balanced and pure taste and different fruit and wood touches. Brewing came from distilling in 1872 and today we can brew beer from distilling. The circle is closed.

Someone who wants to distil whisky has to follow the rules of art. In Blaasveld, a modern, fully-fledged production-unit is gleaming, installed according to the valid whisky standards. The two pot stills, made by Forsyths, one of the most well known coppersmiths in Scotland, create the heart of the new distillery.

Extracted from Stokerij de Molenberg

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  • I love the set up. The beers are great to taste and I'd love to stay in the hotel on a bike or canal tour or something like that. Too close to Brussels for...

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