R&B stands for Raasay and Borders; two unique and contrasting landscapes, two sides of a family, and uncommon provenance for whisky – until now.

We’re planning to build distilleries in both in order to produce the best craft and limited edition whiskies.

The Borders has not seen a whisky distillery since 1837, and our Isle of Raasay Distillery will be the first ever legal one on the island of just 120 residents.

Our roots in both the Scottish Borders and the Hebrides are physically embodied by our Co-founder, Alasdair Day. Alasdair’s great-grandfather, Allan Macdonald, hailed from the Hebrides. His other great-grandfather, Richard Day, was a whisky blender in the Border town of Coldstream with a heritage dating back to 1820.

Building distilleries takes time though, so we are satisfying our impatience by working with a Highland distillery to very deliberately craft the styles of whisky representative of what’s to come.

Some families have a family bible. The Day family has Richard Day’s cellar book, its contents as sacred as any scripture.

In 1895 a young Richard Day walked into a licenced grocers at No1 Duke Street in the Borders town of Coldstream to begin his first day as an office boy at J&A Davidson.

Richard Day took over his employer’s business in 1923, having learnt the art of blending, and so began the family whisky tradition that lives on in R&B.

Extracted from Isle of Raasay Distillery

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