Independent Distilling Company was established 2014 to produce small-batch handcrafted spirits that focus on local and quality ingredients in Georgia. Using a 100-gallon Copper Pot Still and a passion for spirits, founder Michael Anderson has honed his craft over the past years making traditional southern soulful spirits. The first product released was Hellbender Corn Whiskey made from locally sourced corn from Riverview Farms in Ranger, GA. Corn Whiskey is a southern tradition that has been lost by the main stream spirits producers but Michael has revived with enthusiasm.

Then he expanded his portfolio by adding Independent Rum made from table grade molasses that is long fermented and lightly distilled to create a distinctive full flavor. Rum production was the first commercial spirit in the Americas and IDC’s is made in the traditional way. The Independent Barrel Aged Rum is matured in a combination of new and used barrels that imparts rich vanilla, spice and delicate honey notes.

In 2015 IDC released the first batch of Bourbon produced inside the Atlanta perimeter since prohibition. Hellbender Bourbon is made with the same mash bill of locally sourced grains as the corn whiskey and has been aged in newly charred American Oak Barrels to create a well-rounded soft flavor profile with a hints of spice. IDC Spirits are made by hand with high quality local non GMO corn along with the best molasses available on the market today.

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