A once small, sleepy rum company founded in 2008 and tucked away on Portland’s famous distillery row, we’ve grown into the state’s second largest spirit producer and the country’s first publicly traded craft distillery; NASDAQ: EAST.  Over the span of 10 years we’ve launched many award-winning spirits including Portland Potato Vodka, Oregon Marionberry Whiskey, Hue-Hue Coffee Rum, and our newest Burnside bourbon, whiskey and rye expressions, all aged with Quercus Garryana, glorious Oregon Oak!  We sometimes do things the hard way but believe that there are no cutting corners in creating world-class spirits.

In addition to our passion projects within the Eastside family of brands, we expanded our craft approach with a 90% stake acquisition of Big Bottom Distilling in 2017 and fully acquired Motherlode Bottling Services to expand our capabilities into canning wine and RTD’s (ready-to-drink cocktails).  These partnerships are a part of our 360 degree approach to providing quality craft products to our customers.

Our reputation for quality and innovation precedes us.  So much so, that we were able to garner the attention of John Rich, half of the country duo Big and Rich, to create a specialty whiskey for his Redneck Riviera brand.  Redneck Riviera Whiskey has been sold into 15 states and we are honored to be a part of this project that wholly embodies the ‘Work Hard. Play Hard’ mentality.

Extracted from Eastside Distilling

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