God and Nature

Our products strive to use natural New Mexico ingredients where possible. For example, our Blue Corn bourbon and Blue Corn Vodka are crafted from organic NM blue corn. Our Gin uses native NM herbs harvested in our forests and along the Rio Grande. Our brandies, wines, and Ports are made from NM grapes and orchard fruit.

Style & Quality

We are a small batch distillery utilizing handcrafted Stills specially designed for our high desert altitude by Los Alamos National Laboratory Ph.Ds. to deliver optimal taste, texture and aroma. We naturally malt our grains to both minimize our carbon footprint and to eliminate the need to add chemicals and other harsh ingredients (like barely). Our wines are naturally fermented with a minimal carbon footprint and use of chemicals.

We make extracts using organic vanilla beans, ginseng and ginger. We never adding sugar or chemicals to extracts. Our gourmet chocolates uses the highest quality Belgium chocolate and our gnashes strive to use all natural ingredients like local mint and lavender. For an extra special treat, ask of about pairing wines and spirits with our different chocolates.

100% Handcrafted

Every wine, spirit, extract and chocolate we produce is handcrafted at either our Los Alamos or Santa Fe facilities. We are a small batch producer that carefully manages each phase of the manufacturing process. Our wines use 100% of each varietal grape called out on the label. In other words, when you buy a Don Quixote Merlot it is 100% merlot from a single vintage – no blending.

We are the only Port producer in America who makes both the wine and brandy in their Port. We feature five Ports and one Sherry each made following old world methods. We are the only Angelica producer in the world who follows the original recipe created by the Spanish Missionaries in NM during the 1500’s.

Extracted from Don Quixote Distillery

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