Crescendo is a veteran owned and operated company. Started conceptually in 2013 it took us a little over a year to have our products on the shelves. April 2014 we had our first bottles on the shelves. Since then we have been growing and learning.

Our goals are to provide quality organic spirits to our customers. We aren’t looking just to provide organic products, they actually have to be exceptional. At the same time we want to promote local distilleries, healthy living, and socially responsible causes.

Crescendo products are free of GMO’s and artificial ingredients. Produced with only certified organic ingredients, the results are the finest flavors.

Our current offerings include organic liqueurs. We will be adding some mainstream spirits to the portfolio in the near future. Our liqueurs include Limoncello which is a traditional Italian liqueur made for sipping anytime. Our Arancello (orange) and Limecello are produced using an identical process and are equally delightful. We have lots of recipes to help you enjoy our products whether it’s warm or cold outside. Take a look, then give us a chance, and you’ll never look back.


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