Casa Coronel is a Mexican company that produces high quality spirits. Mezcal and Tequila of Casa Coronel are made of 100% Mexican blue agave plant. Mezcal Casa Coronel is produced in Zacatecas, Mexico (Central Mexico), and Tequila Casa Coronel in Jalisco, Mexico (Northeast Mexico). Behind of every bottle there is an 8 year process. Our products are produced by hardworking people of a great and long tradition of Agave growing, distillation and bottling.

A taste of Mexico in every sip.

In this regions, Casa Coronel employs over 83 families under fair trade conditions promoting traditions and modern trends of Mexico.

Casa Coronel achieves the perfection of spirits as result of complying with all Mexican government regulations for the production and packaging of this product as a symbol of Mexico. Exporting Mezcal and Tequila around the world, Casa Coronel promoted the harmonization of ART and SPIRITS.

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