Craft Spirits Handmade in Buellton, Santa Ynez Valley, California

Brothers Spirits is a true grain to bottle hands on Distillery making each batch small and hand crafted the old world way.. Everything they do is handmade and made onsite. They even print their own bottles. Using only the finest natural material sourced as close to home as possible. Brothers Spirits uses these ingredients to make truly Sophisticated Spirits. From the Vodka made from Santa Barbara County wine grapes that has a velvet creamy mouth feel, their 9 hand selected botanical G7 Gin that is a floral bouquet in the mouth that taste like spring in a glass, the Limoncello that is incredibly balanced to our American made Agave Azul ( aka Tequila). The one word associated with all of their products is “Smooth”. Their goal is to make each product able to stand on its own and be able to be a drink on its own before any mixers are added. Every bottle is made from the heart.

And now they have available for your enjoyment their Vodka, 100% Blue Agave “Agave Azul” , Limoncello, unaged Mesquite Smoked Single Malt Whiskey and G7 Gin ready for tasting and purchasing at their gorgeous Tasting room and Distillery.

Back in 2012, during a conversation between Jay and Jeff Lockwood, they talked about the growing Craft Distilling Industry, in both the local economy and throughout the entire country and how difficult it was to obtain products handmade, one batch at a time, in the old world method and using the finest local products. Jeff was acutely aware of this for some time since he had been involved in the wine industry making wines in the same way he envisioned products be made for the distilling industry.

Both had grown up in Northern California surrounded by the farms and orchards that grew the finest products available anywhere in the world and they wondered why not take those products and make the finest spirits available everywhere. And it was then, in 2013, they started to work hard to properly produce them and now them available.

Extracted from Brothers Spirits

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  • A great hidden gem in Buellton. This small distillery is offering some amazing spirits. I was across the way at some wine bars and saw their small sign....

  • Stopped by at Dorwood Distillery today with my hubby after tasting at Barrelworks. We're both whiskey drinkers but we were amazed with the vodka and gin...

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