During the micro-brewery boom…

The Bouck brothers were overjoyed that the great standard beers were being innovated and improved. Graham Cracker Porter, Grapefruit IPA, & sour beers were being made as professionally as the standard pilsner’s and lagers.

But whiskey was not changing. All major bourbon producers had essentially the same grain bill, and the only differentiating factor between brands was how long the whiskey had been sitting in a barrel.

After constructing and producing a great moonshine & bourbon, the brothers set there sites on trying to innovate the world of whiskey. What would happen if we aged bourbon in multiple casks? Can we add coffee beans to our product? What happens if we distill an aged spirit? How does tobacco effect flavor during mashing?

Very often our experiments end up a failure, but every so often we find a great spirit, blend, infusion, or process, that no one has tasted before. We are innovating whiskey to please your taste-buds!

Extracted from Bouck Brothers Distilling

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