Bluewater Distilling was born in a Pacific Northwest anchorage on a brisk day of early Summer, 2007. Secure at anchor aboard their sailboat, Jessica and John Lundin popped the cork on a bottle of wine that proved undrinkable. Not wanting to insult Neptune by pouring it overboard, John decided to attempt a stovetop distillation using a soup pot and a few ice cubes over the lid.
The warming wine began to release its alcohol vapor, which condensed on the upside down lid. The few ounces of unpalatable brandy yielded by the experiment proved a valuable lesson that the quality of your distillate depends on the quality of your starting ingredients.
Back at the dock, the couple hit the ground running with a mission to take spirits further – by leveraging a sustainability commitment to achieve a finer tasting quality. Inspired by their love for sailing, the new company would be called Bluewater – a term that captures both the deep blue hue of the ocean and the challenges sailors face when voyaging far offshore.
Bluewater has been continuously evolving and growing from that first experiment. We’ve outgrown two distilleries and developed a Destination Distillery that offers one of the finest spirited experiences in the world. We’ve achieved tremendous critical acclaim, and lead the industry in responsible practices.
We’re proud of what we’ve achieved and look forward to sharing a martini with you.

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