The horizon on 9 Rocks logo comes from Cathedral Rock located about 17 miles up river from Spray. Nine Rocks Vodka is named after boulders surrounding a natural spring, high in the Oregon desert, which provides the water for this artisanal vodka.

This water is filtered and the resulting vodka embodies a pure and immaculate flavor. This pure water imparts a certain ruggedness to this vodka that makes one think of nature and life.
Black Rock may be from one of the smaller towns of any Distillery in America. It’s home, Spray, Oregon has a population of 160. We are committed to rural economic development as well as making first rate spirits.

Black Rock Distillery is in a large shop building on a slope above the river. The work is done in a spotless and spacious room.

The key to the quality is the custom designed filtering system. The liquid circulates 30 times through a charcoal filter, and then through three additional filters, purging alcohol fumes and any sediments before the liquid goes to the bottling machine.

Extracted from Black Rock Distillery

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