The path to Bethel Rd. has been one of passion, experimentation and homage to the tradition of spirit making from around the world. Since Niels Udsen’s time living in Italy, making Italian style Grappa has been something he dreamed of. After acquiring one of the first distilling licenses in the county and an Arnold Holstein Bavarian Still the dream has finally become a reality.

In its first phase of production, Bethel Rd. has created two outstanding Grappas and a two-year barrel aged Brandy that is both rich and complex. This is only the beginning of the journey and many more spirited experiments are in the works.

Currently the distillery is run by the Udsen family, with Max, Lauren and Luke taking the lead. Creativity and community are at the center of the Bethel Rd. mission with the goal being to manifest a space that is both inviting and inspirational. One can expect much more than distilled spirits when visiting Bethel Rd.

Extracted from Bethel Rd Distillery

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  • We've been a member since they opened and we're very impressed on how they wow their customers. First of all, the drinks are amazing. Second, they have...

  • Nice distillery with a variety of gin made from grapes. They have 2 adorable dogs in the property. The place is a nice break from All the wineries in the...

  • Absolutely beautiful setting on top of the hill on Bethel Road overlooking the surrounding vineyards. Really great people running this place, very friendly...

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