As a family-based team of dedicated perfectionists our first professional venture into the realms of the drinks industry was with beer, but as our journey progressed and matured we were to discover a new purpose and now revel in the crafting of premium spirits. We moved production to Burnley in early 2015 following HMRC certification for the new site.

From the very outset our singular ambition was to craft a range of premium handmade spirits for the drinker who loves the difference and now that our first run of Premium Gin is ready, we’ll leave you to enjoy its beautiful flavours and nuanced nature.

As a family-based distillery we lovingly craft our spirits in the most intimate batches of captured perfection with no more than 25 litres at a time. Produced and bottled by hand we ensure quality, individuality and as honest an illustration of the distilling art that you’ll ever taste.

Extracted from Batch Brew Limited

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