We produce premium, small batch spirits made from the purest water and the finest grains locally sourced in Idaho.

That’s right… Idaho. You may not know it, but Idaho is located in the PERFECT region of the country to produce high quality bourbon and whiskeys. In fact, the air quality is better than 90% of the country. Our distillery is positioned on top of one of Idaho’s artesian wells that allows us to get the highest quality water. The grains that are grown in Idaho are used by top spirit producers around the world. Anyone can try to make a quality spirit, but here at 8 Feathers we are doing it.

Extracted from 8 Feathers Distillery

Reviews (9)

  • Was the a couple of Sat. ago. Nice place however they told me they had sold the business and were no longer distilling spirits. Do not know who they sold too.

  • We had a great tasting experience (thanks Larry!) but more importantly, what a great variety of excellent whiskey spirits! It was fantastic that there was...

  • Looking for something to do in Boise so we checked out this distillery. Great little place where they make 7 different types of moonshine, whiskey,...

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